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Garage Door Openers
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Without the presence of garage door openers, we would have to lift the heavy doors manually. This is more than daunting, especially if you have to do it several times a day. These devices are of great help. That is why they should be chosen with attention to every detail and get proper care. 

Opener Installation

Garage Door Openers in FloridaIf the old device is severely damaged, greatly worn or simply outdated, you will need a new one. Now all major brands offer electric door operators which can be connected to the internet and monitored and controlled with the use of a computer, smartphone or tablet. LiftMaster even offers Wi-Fi enabled devices. The choice of drive depends on your priorities. Consider your budget when choosing between an AC motor and a DC one. With the latter, you get a battery backup. The installation involves mounting the motor unit to the ceiling and connecting it to the rail and the rest of the hardware.

Lubrication Maintenance

Door operators with a chain or screw drive require lubrication maintenance as well as inspection and cleaning. A thin layer of lubricant is applied along the entire length of the metal chain or rod. The choice of lubricant depends on the requirements and recommendations of the device’s manufacturer. Some brands make their own lubricant which is specially formulated for their units. The most important thing of all is to avoid using a sticky product as it can cause a great deal of trouble.

Garage Door Clicker

The clicker or remote emits a signal to the receiver standing next to the motor. The receiver accepts the signal and the valid access code and transfers is to the circuit board which regulates the motor. The traditional remotes have a single button for operating the opener. Now you can also opt for a model with three buttons enabling you to operate as many and three openers. Usually, these devices are universal and you can also run a gate operator with them.

Opener Repair

One of the most common issues affecting the door operator is failure of the remote. Usually, you simply need to change the batteries for the whole system to start running again. When you cannot close the door with the remote, the issue is most likely with the safety sensors and they have to be fixed or replaced. A grinding sound coming from the motor unit typically signals that there is a broken moving gear that needs to be replaced.

Let us at Garage Door Repair Murray Hill install, maintain and fix your opener for you. Our company is a leading service provider with an ever-growing team of skilled technicians who are familiar with the latest and most advanced devices as well as with the traditional ones. We work with all brands without exception.

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